2015 - present


Finding visually interesting systems by thinking computationally.

If I start with a particular system, can I think of a set of rules to apply to the system such that I get a visually interesting result?

Alternately, can I think of a system to apply established algorithms to, in order to get an interesting final result?

These types of exercises are my favorite kind, for the affordances and opportunities they provide with play.

Creating golden spirals from straight lines.


Nature and organic forms have long been a big inspiration for my creative endeavours. In these explorations I play with Perlin noise and custom shaders.

A tool prototype designed and developed in Unity to manipulate natural looking terrain generated by making use of Perlin noise.
Custom GLSL shader experiments in Processing.


Digital art created by creative use of several data visualization techniques, a project I pursued alongside a more formal approach to data visualization. The datasets used for these explorations depict the number of property sales and fire incident reports in the city of Raleigh in 2014. Orange is tied to fire incidents, and blue is tied to property sales.

A lot of these explorations centered around exploring how persistence in the visual space can affect graphics. There are also explorations in combining multiple media to use properties like perspective to distort / focus on / make unclear certain aspects and meanings being conveyed.

The itchy ring
The sinking crown
The floating city